Marketing Strategy for meeting 11 April 2023

Ideal use of Social Media Platforms:

Facebook & Instagram – Post a Minimum of Once a day ideally Twice a Day
TikTok – As much as possible – the growth of TikTok is insane.

Email – Weekly (Need to start creating an email list)
Blog – Weekly blog posts on the website further strengthening our SEO rankings

The Crazy Store Posts on FB between 1 and 3 times daily and hardly use Instagram.

Takealot posts on Fb between 2 and 4 times a day and roughly the same on Instagram
I believe that China Town is positioned somewhere closer to a “Real World Takealot“, The Crazy Store, Factory Shops and Malls.


I believe we have to commit to one # and I suggest #ChinaTownCT which we use on all our marketing as well as use trending # but always keep #ChinaTownCT as the main one.


As with The Crazy Store and Takealot, Products are everything.
One of the main content engagements our Brand focuses on is Products.
The website should be the ultimate home of everything where all problems are solved.
The customer sees a product on social and knows they can go to the site and find the product and store info and then be able to instantly WhatsApp the store.
Social Creates Product AwarenessThe website is the bridge between this awareness and Stores.
The customer journey needs to be easy, simple, and fluid.
Social Media is for Marketing. The website is for easy and clear access to information.

Therefore the website is vital to solving all social media questions.
The customer gets directed to the website, either they see the product on the site or the store listed on the product.
Once the customer sees the product on the website or on social media the customer can directly WhatsApp the store for more info.
With the Website each store will have their own page therefore on social media when we post a product from a specific store we will have a link directly to that stores info with a button to click to WhatsApp the store.

The website will also have a Chatbot for any questions.

Marco Product Overview

Beauty x 8
Car x 4
Electronics x 9
Fashion x 35
Footware x 5
Hardware x 2
Homeware x 13
Kitchen x 2
Luggage x 11
Party x 17
Stationary x 2
Supermarkets x 3
Toys x 6
Wedding x 1

With products being everything I feel that categories are a clear distinction to be marketed around.
The categories clearly differentiate us from a place like The Crazy Store.
We really need to embrace this vast array of Categories in many respects.
People need to know China Town is an affordable alternative to other malls in South Africa.
With our economic climate, this is essential. Positioning the brand as Cape Town’s affordable product hub.

Content Creation Logistics.

I will be spending a day at each of the centers for images for the website.
I will then build up a database containing images of all stores and lots of products.
Therefore on each store’s page, you will not only see pics of the stores you will also see a lot of their products as each store will have a product section.

Just as the website is the home to the China Town brand each store’s page will be its home.

Strategy for Maximising Social Media Content

To get the maximum use of content I am hoping the Managers will be able to regularly send me videos and stills. There do not have to be specific, they can be random, this all helps with platforms like TikTok which becomes successful on regular content. I can then add nice filters to them and text to make them more fun.

Product Image logistics

Michelle, Wei, and Yi have been sending me stores 1,2, or 3 stores products relating to the theme of the week.

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget on Meta (FB and Instagram) is R9k per month.
This translates to +- R300 pd.
There is a difference between Boosted Posts and Meta Ads. The later being more powerful to get results.
I believe it should go to Meta Ads.
These Meta Ads’ call should be split between driving people to our Social Media Accounts AND The Website.

Organic Metrics

As per the below metrics organically we sometimes do well.
This below post for example (which is fashion related) reached +-35k people, +-5800 engagements +-150 likes, and some comments.
This was all organic with no boosting.
All boosting does is make more people in our existing world make people aware of that single post.
That same money can rather drive people to the site which has EVERYTHING.
Albeit we can only do that when the website is ready.

The aim of the our content is to:

– Increase brand awareness.
– Build, Engage, and strengthen relationships with existing customers and build a dedicated community
– Increase sales for stores.
– Establish Chinatown as a leader in its sphere.
– Encourage user-generated content and engagement by running social media contests and giveaways.
– Use social media to provide exceptional customer service and support and address customer concerns and inquiries promptly.
– Increase website traffic and improve search engine optimisation (SEO) .
– Use social media to stay up-to-date with the latest products coming onto market.
– Get people excited about the upcoming Market.

Comedic Content:

Memes (possibly)

Feel-Good Content:

– Share positive customer reviews or testimonials
– Have competitions to give back to the community

Industry Related Content:

– Store promotions: Highlight sales and special promotions at individual stores in the shopping center.
– New store openings: Announce and promote new stores that are opening in the shopping center.
– Gift guides: Create and share gift guides for holidays and special occasions, featuring products available in the center.
– Style guides: Create and share fashion or home decor style guides featuring products from stores in the shopping center.

Content Posts for Special Days to ad some importance and humour:

April 11 – National Pet Day – a day to celebrate and show appreciation for your pets.
April 13 – Ramadan Begins – a month-long Islamic holiday of fasting and spiritual reflection.
April 15 – World Art Day – a day to celebrate and promote art and creativity.
April 16 – National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day – a day to have fun and promote relaxation in the workplace.
April 19 – National Garlic Day – a day to celebrate the culinary uses and health benefits of garlic.
April 21 – National Kindergarten Day – a day to celebrate the importance of early childhood education.
April 22 – Earth Day – a day to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts.
April 24 – National Pigs in a Blanket Day – a day to celebrate the delicious appetizer.
April 27 – National Tell a Story Day – a day to celebrate the art of storytelling.
April 28 – National Superhero Day – a day to celebrate and appreciate superheroes in popular culture.
April 29 – International Dance Day – a day to celebrate and promote dance as an art form.
April 30 – International Jazz Day – a day to celebrate and promote jazz music as an art form.