Problem Awareness Campaigns and Ideas

It is essential to understand that many potential customers may not realise they need a storage solution until they are faced with clever marketing showing them they have this problem. Storesmart can create awareness of the benefits of storage by emphasising how it can solve problems and make their customers’ lives easier. Using the example of Uber, which made it more convenient and cost-effective for people to get around, customers never knew how convenient it was to travel. There were always taxi-like services but Uber made it cool and convenient to get around and thereby the market size grew dramatically for people needing their solution. Many businesses solve problems people never knew they had and I believe this awareness of posing this problem to people can lead to results by posing a problem with an affordable and convenient solution. As much as you show them they have a problem such as clutter, messiness etc you need to show them how easily StoreSmart can solve this solution.

If people knew through marketing how easy and convenient, affordable and safe storing items can be it creates awareness of this problem. The key is making people realise they have a problem they did not know about and Storesmart is that clutter-free solution.

The words “declutter” and “minimalism” are very popular. Making people more aware of a problem with an amazing solution is key.

Hyper Targeting and Cost Per Acquisition

I know you mentioned people who want storage solutions go to google and type it in and you bid on those words. It is key to know what the true conversion of the customer acquisition cost is. Let us say you are measuring the campaign through google using cost-per-click methods. That means you paying X amount for a click to the website. How many clicks convert to an actual sale? How many clicks convert to a WhatsApp message or contact us button?

By targeting specific demographics, groups, or individuals with an interest in decluttering on FB for example you can easily set an amount you want for that click, in the same way as Google.

But people live on FB and creating exciting and perhaps even humorous ads on FB can lead people as mentioned in the first point to be aware of a problem they never knew they had with an easy solution. By paying let us say as high as R5 per click to the website and for every 50 clicks it is a customer which means you paying R250 to acquire a customer who pays you R1450 (your cheapest solution) for many years. This is all guessing but the key is that marketing through google and FB is measurable. I know FB can measure someone going to your site but performing a key action say the contact us or WhatsApp button. You need to know how many of those clicks convert to a sale then you can reverse engineer it. Meaning you need to know exactly how much it is worth you paying for a customer. Customer acquisition cost is key. Is it worth you paying R100 for a customer? I am certain it is. One would need to know this CAC number then you reverse engineer it so say it is worth you spending R100 to acquire a customer and you know that to get a customer 100 people need to visit the site or better yet click the contact us button. That means you can afford on FB for example to pay R1 for a click that directly results in someone clicking the contact us button.


Unfortunately when I type in “storage solution cape town” or “storage cape town” I do not find you. Yes, you can pay for these clicks to show ads when people type those words but it is much more powerful to be organic. For example when you type “virtual reality cape town” the top business that comes up and the top website gets shown. Same for if you type “drive in cape town” or even “drive in” GoDriveIn is the top business and top result on that page. This is all through organic SEO and Social Content we have taken advantage of. And yes it is a much less competitive space but organic SEO is key.

Two main elements of SEO are backlinks and content on social and the site. You need to get linked on as many directories as possible which results in backlinks and you need to do blogs regularly that use the keywords like storage solution, etc.

Please see some Mockups I did. I used a logo from another storage company as could not find a high res of yours. I am not recommending these as just had some spur-of-the-moment ideas.